Again, WoodenWares is leading the way with this World Exclusive

“Click ‘n’ Connect” Stands

How easy it is connecting and removing the 'WoodenWares Exclusive Posts' from the Key

While everyone else has their plain boring rectangle holder as they call them,
We were never impressed with how plain and boring and cheap looking these holders were.
Not only did the Keys fall off those holders they also damaged the Key each time you sat the key down.

You can't walk around with these holders and keys together as they will just fall apart and break!!!

Our Key Stands aren't holders, Our Key Stands are just as important as the Key, as they
tell a Story just like the Key itself so why cheapen the Key with a plain old rectangle holder
We know how impressive our Keys are and so are our unique Key Stands!

We Designed this "Click 'n' Connect" System to keep advancing our Technology in Key Creations,
not only is it simple to connect our Keys to our Stands, its just as simple to disconnect  them too!

Again, this is showing you WoodenWares doesn't copy what 99% of everyone else does, we innovate, design and create what others can't

When we first started making Keys back in 2017 everyone did these outdated holders and 7 years onwards they still use them because they are quick, cheap and easy. We designed our Stands 7 years ago and were the first to have such a unique 3D looking Key Stand and 7 years later still the only one to think outside the box and create something that won't fall apart and damage the Key!

What we found was a major problem back in 2017 was the fact that most keys aren't designed with the Stand,

While these rectangle stands are mass produced, the Keys are never designed to match and really didn't fit correctly and would always slide sideways as well as fall forward. Just look at photos of others Keys and notice the circles are hardly ever directly centred to the Stand Uprights, if the circle is offset then the Key can slide sideways and fall and break. A real design failure and it still happens today!!

WoodenWares Designs EVERY Key to fit our Stands PERFECTLY, we don't compromise, our Keys will NEVER fall off our Stands and Break!!!!!!

If you Buy a Normal Birthday Key from Others, this is what your Risking ....